Air-Conditioned Bed for the Summer


As much as I enjoy the Summer, the Winter is more tolerable for me. In the Winter, if you are cold, you can always dress up warmer to fit your need. In the Summer, on the other hand, there is a limit to how much you can take off. Many times I have a hard time sleeping because of the crazy heat, so I usually resort to turning on the Air Condition while I am in bed, but it doesn’t seem to ever be just the right temperature. It is usually either too cold or not cold enough, and if I actually fall asleep, I either wake up freezing in the middle of the night, or wake up with a Summer cold. The fitting solution may be the Air-conditioned bed.

Imagine the comfort of going to sleep in a humid and hot evening, while the bed is chilled right beneath you. If you cover up with a sheet or blanket, you would enjoy an enclosed cool feeling.

The thing I like about this idea is the personal attention the AC provides to the individual. Instead of leaving the main AC on, and attempting to point a fan to distribute the “cold air” to the preferred areas, this device is right under you and cools you from your head to toes.

You can find more information at the actual product page.

Via: Coolest Gadgets