Rocket Man Bicycle May Take Flight


I have always dreamed of flying. After seeing the movie E.T as a kid, I wished my bike would one day help me achieve that dream. Do you remember E.T? That flying bicycle scene has always mesmerized children. While bicycles are not created for the purpose of flying…yet, the rocketman bike may help achieve some flight.

The rocketman concept was originally found on Flickr but not really for the purpose of flying. It does have its certain features and envisioned speed capabilities, which may be able to help a few catch some air. Who knows, if the rockets are used properly, you may actually have liftoff.


Created by Herr Uli Fahl, the rocketman “Tunderbirdy” is actually a good looking rocket bike. The specs and different details seen in the images really grant it some exciting hopes and “abilities”. Besides, it actually claims to reach speeds of 50-80 kmh…on a rocket powered bicycle!

Can you feel it?

So E.T did not need rockets to get the bikes to fly, but he also didn’t have rockets to actually catch some speed.


Via: GizmoWatch