Remote Controlled Airplanes Provide Wireless Photography


National Geographic have provided us with numerous amazing photographs taken from airplanes throughout the years. For many photographers, taking actual pictures from above is not a simple task and such an option could open up a whole new world of opportunities. With the Paralight Aviation invention, individuals would be able to handle a remote control device while it is in the air, and wirelessly take pictures from above.

The Paralight flying device is a remote controlled servo with a parachute attached. The navigation allows for a steady flight, so anyone can carefully take wonderful pictures from the air. In addition, it has been created to carry standard photography equipment for the aerial tasks and also relays images down to the ground for updates and progress.


Although I am not a photographer, I know many that would flock to the wireless capabilities now available, and with the Paralight, photographers can easily experiment with aerial photography.

Does the Paralight solution sound attractive for you? Would you like to take remote controlled pictures from the air?