Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Goodbye Fake Steve Jobs


Daniel Lyons, also known as the Fake Steve Jobs, has officially announced the retirement of the parody Blog named after the Apple CEO. Throughout its time on the net, it has gained popularity and fanbase, due to the nature of news reported, and the entertainment value received by imagining the posts were actually written by Steve Jobs himself.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs deals with various Technology Industry News with hilarious, honest, and off the wall comments by the Fake Steve Jobs. While keeping it a secret for a while after the Blog began, the actual personality of the FSJ was finally made public last year. This was not due to coming clean by Daniel Lyons, but by snooping around by journalists looking to make a big story.

I have been a reader of the Fake Steve Jobs for a while, and as I said before during his fake Blog retirement announcements, I will surely miss his antics and humor. Although it was known that he is not the real Steve Jobs, imagination really gets the best of you, making the posts and news much more appreciated coming out of the Fake CEO’s mouth.

Is this Blog retirement announcement actually true? Is it another of his practical jokes to get some comments, replies and feedback? Who knows?! It does have a true ring to it by his marketing of the “best of” book of the Blog or maybe it just seems like the Blog’s time has passed. Either way, I take off my hat for the persistence and time spent on this project, including the originality of the writing, announcements, and different antics.