Nokia N96 Smartphone Raises the Bar on the N95


The Nokia N96 Smartphone is the follow up to the popular and efficient N95 and is expected in August 2008. It provides efficient and fun combination of a practical smartphone and an entertainment device featuring music and video. By specs alone, it seems this new N96 device took exactly what was great on the N95 and made it better. After all, Nokia knows what works and what doesn’t, and the N96 enhances the good and reduces the bad. Whether or not it beats the iPhone 3G, I think that is based on personal opinions, needs, and usability.

Looking at the Nokia N96, we can immediately see that its appearance is inviting. While the dual sliding function remains and the screen was enlarged to 2.8 inches, it is still thinner and lighter. Seems like you get more for less; great features, less bulk.

The Camera and Video abilities are amazing on this smartphone. It has a 5MP camera as the N95 had, which simply allows you to have an able digital camera with you at all times, without the need to bring it along with your cellphone. A great addition is the geotagging; since this phone has a built-in GPS, you can now automatically Geotag pictures you take. This means that if you are an avid traveler, your photos will get a behind the scenes tagging of the locations they were taken at. Moreover, for those participating in various social networks, pictures or videos may be automatically uploaded to be shared with all your friends.

The Video camera has image stabilization built in, so when actually recording a family event, friend get-together, or future blackmailing video on the N96, you won’t get a wobbly feeling when viewing it back. I guess this feature also saves your stomach.

A wonderful addition to the Nokia N96 is the ability to watch TV on your cellphone. With the DVB-H TV Tuner, you can have live TV broadcasting and entertainment at all times. Moreover, a stand in the rear allows you to conveniently place it on the desk as you are watching your favorite shows. It may not be the same as your big screen television at home, but for a cellphone it is wonderful.


The Audio department is also a strong point with the new Nokia N96. Immediately off the back, the internal memory was increased to 16GB (up from 8GB) and an optional card may be added for even more room for your music, tv shows, and movies. The FM radio was improved using RDS, meaning that as you listen to songs on the radio, many specific songs will display their details on your screen at the same time. Lastly, you can listen to your music personally with your
earphones or through the built-in 3D speakers.


Overall the Nokia N96 is probably one of the major competitors of the iPhone 3G. Although they both answer similar needs, they are completely different phones. It really depends on what it is you need.

Via: Dial A Phone