Find a Song Stuck in Your Head by Humming the Tune to Midomi

My cellphone has the TrackID feature which samples a song playing in the background and after a few seconds finds the song details. Although this is extremely fun and useful while out with friends at bars and clubs, it doesn’t help me when I have the tune stuck in my head. Now we have all been through that…a song is stuck in our head and in order to get it out, we must figure out what it is. Midomi attempts to grant you serenity by letting you hum the tune and get the song. Oh yeah…it is now mobile with the iPhone.

You can’t tell me that you haven’t been in this situation. You have a song stuck in your head which you cannot sing any of the words simply because you do not know them. The artist, song name, and even progression is completely a blur, but you have a little 10 second part you can hum like a pro. In order to somehow arrive at the answer to the question: “What song is this?”, you try to hum the only tiny part you can to your friends, family, co-workers, hoping they can shed some light on the matter. The thing is, most of the time we do not provide sufficient humming, and we just end up looking like fools. At least Midomi and the iPhone won’t hold that againstus.

Midomi is a free site that provides pretty sufficient results. At their site, you can search for a song by name, words, or even hum a 10+ second part of song to search for the answer. I tried it a few times being the non-believer, but I was amazed and excited with the correct results. Of course, it is not perfect and I did not get a 100% success rate, but I cannot complain.

So what now?

You can either go to the Midomi site when you are stuck with a tune OR download the application directly to your iPhone, so you will never have a song stuck in your head for long. The choice is up to you: have a song stuck in your head or be free of such frustrating dilemmas.

Via: Gizmodo