Pocket Watch Coffee Table is a Giant at Telling Time and Date


Do you own a pocket watch or wear a wrist watch? I used to, but I do not see the need since my cellphone already tells the time. Why would I want to carry another item without it providing additional practicality? Yes, many wear watches these days as a fashion item and not to tell the time, but I do not fall into that category. One thing I do like is this pocket watch looking coffee table. It is giant, creative, and practical in two ways: as a coffee table and tells you the time and date. Kind of like smart furniture as we seen before in the NES Controller Coffee Table.

True, this coffee table resembles a wrist watch more than a pocket watch, but since I use my cellphone to tell the time…the watch stays in my pocket.

This beautiful looking coffee table is a great way to rest your drink and always be punctual. Based on which button you press, it provides you the correct time and date. It also includes two drawers beneath its face, so you can have your instruction manuals, warranty information, or other paperwork you want handy.

The proportions stand at 80cm x 230cm, and the 8 digit display is large enough so wrong readings do not come often.

Via: ShinyShiny Via BookofJoe