End of the World Art: Robots Duplicating Themselves


I previously heard that the number one fear is public speaking, and the second is death. Does that mean that people would rather die than to speak in front of strangers? What about the end of the world? I would think that may be a little scarier than public speaking or death, since it will leave nothing to fear. We often see movies that paint the end of the world as Robots or machines taking over the human race, duplicating themselves over and over again; Some examples are the Terminator, the Matrix, or iRobot. This fractal scene by ScreamyGuy is well made but could be a reenactment of a nightmare.


The scene expressed is just as we feared; Robots which are duplicating themselves, recreating another Robot copy but in a smaller version. The smaller robot ends up duplicating itself as well to another smaller version…and so on and so on. It goes on until the miniature version would amount to a molecule size, and we would not even notice the robots around us.

If someone was able to draw it up, does that mean it is possible, and the end of the world may be near?

Via: Technabob