Dude, The Big Lebowski Complete Movie in One Single Image


Dude, I just love the movie The Big Lebowski! Actually, it is in my list of top movies of all time, along with the Godfather and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The Big Lebowski is such an entertaining flick, and the characters are simply remarkable; each is coming from his/her own world and contributes positively to the amazing and intelligent dialogue – “Shut the f*&k up Donny”. I have seen the movie many times, and it is still not enough. If you feel like getting a Big Lebowski fix without spending (not wasting) time actually watching it, then Dude your prayers have been answered with one single image of the entire movie.

Jason Cosper (must be a major Big Lebowski fan) has created one beautiful image that I would actually like to have on my wall. So grab a White Russian and watch the entire The Big Lebowski movie with one single poster.

Images above: Left image is entire film, right is a close up to show individual frames.

Via: Cinema Redux Via: BoingBoing