How To Find the Owner of an Email Address


Have you ever received an intriguing email that passed through the spam filter? Has an email from an unrecognized sender ever mentioned subjects or touched on important factors? Would you ever like to find out who the sender is, and if a specific email does ring true? It would be nice to check back on the massive amount of emails we receive daily. Who is this person, where is it sent from, and do a reverse email address inquiry.

I have a few different email addresses through various services, which are used to filter out different inquiries. One service is for daily use for business colleagues or friends, another is for subscriptions to RSS, different communities, or some occasional accounts (i.e poker or travel accommodations) and another for plain spam. The thing is, sometimes spam still finds its way into the “non-spam” address, and at other times the “spam” inbox receives an email worth checking. So if something leaves us curious, we may want to check who the person that send us a specific email truly is. That is where Reverse Email Detective comes in.

This service provides some points and ideas how and where to check for the owner of a specific email address. They provide different email directories to search through for free, and also offer a further paid service for specific email traces. After I found this, I wondered about the many unknown emails I received in previous years; were any of them true? perhaps I could have actually known.