Save Gas with a DIY Gas Meter


Would you like to save money on your Gas spending? With the gas prices rising and hurting many of us, there are a few solutions to save money on gas. A simple solution that you may not like too much is to just get rid of your car, the second is this do it yourself project of a gas guzzling meter. While the first solution doesn’t seem too practical or possible, it will also help the environment (less pollution, congestion, chemicals, etc.). The gas meter remedy is a “fun” way to keep tabs on your gas use while driving, thus helping you improve your gas consumption…hopefully reducing your use.

The gas meter diy solution is a way to present how your driving skills (or lack of) are eating up fuel and how much it is costing you. It may in fact help you realize what different driving conditions, reactions, and road mannerisms do to effect your living costs. For example, it will make you think twice before revving up your engine…because showing off will present how it is taking its toll on your wallet.


Project instructions and calculations for the meter are provided in the link below. This diy is categorized as a moderate project with approximate time of 8 hours and costing less than $60.

So which will be your choice? No vehicle or the Gas Meter?

Via: Popular Science