Home and Interior Light Bulbs To Go: Let There Be Light

Light Bulbs To Go: Let There Be Light


Light is an invention that is somewhat taken for granted. I am not sure if we realize it, but we are extremely dependent on different lighting conditions for work, home and pleasure. Just see if you would rather search for food in your refrigerator with or without light bulbs installed inside. Light is a practical invention that is used more often than not, and this new Vaka concept by Ian Bach brings it additional mobility and practicality. Did someone say: Let There Be Light?


The Vaka combines a designer light tree with mobile light bulbs to provide additional convenience. Besides having a cool looking tree lamp with light bulbs attached to different branches, the bulbs may be removed and taken anywhere. Do you need extra light in another room, would you like additional light for reading, or maybe there is an electric outage…these bulbs will still work when unattached to their tree.


This light bulb concept is made of silicon and is rechargeable. The latter means that it charges while attached to the Vaka tree branches, may be removed to be taken somewhere else, and reattached to charge again. What a practical concept! The silicon creation envisions the ability to turn the bulb on and off by a simply squeeze of the light bulb itself.



The Vaka concept literally allows it to let there be light anywhere and anytime.

Via: Yanko Design

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