Nintendo Scenes Recreated with Lego


Nintendo and Lego…can we ask for a better combination? These two great toys from different worlds have gotten together to recreate classic Nintendo scenes using the colorful Lego bricks. Whether it is the famous Duck Hunt scene, Contra revisited in a lighter sense, Excitebike nostalgia, or others, these provide a fun way to remember the Nintendo games we spent so much time with.


We have seen different ways the old Nintendo has crept back into our life, such as: superimposed Nintendo scenes in real life, Free NES games on firefox with firenes, the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table for Geeks, and many more.


I always loved the Nintendo Entertainment System, its controls and the variety of games, so I am not at all surprised we are seeing its return. Why not? We loved it, let’s revisit the NES.


Via: Hacknmod