Cuil Search Engine: The New Competitor to Google Search


Cuil is a new search engine developed by Tom Costello, Ex-Google Search Architect Anna Patterson, and two Ex-Google Engineers Russell Power and Louis Monier which is supposedly going to be better, faster and bigger than Google search. It launched today (Monday the 28th of July, 2008), but when I first checked, the site was down because of overwhelming response and hits.

While Google ranks pages based on inbound links, Cuil aims to rank sites by their relevance to the actual search query. As you receive search results, you are able to categorize them to relevance towards your specific need.

Unlike the previous search engine Anna developed and sold to Google in 2004, this one aims to compete with the search giants, hoping to provide contextual results – “trying to understand the world, not the web”. With the financing of $33 Million received, the competition is here, but can it really stand next to the searching giants?

You can find more information on Cuil’s philosophy, features, management and more directly at the appropriate Cuil info page.

What do you think? Answer the poll: Can Cuil actually deliver a better search engine than Google?

Via: Cnet, Via: Yahoo, Via: Ynet