How To Prank Your Friends with the Ugliest Facebook Profile Picture Ever

facebook_ugliest_profile_picture_1Facebook is so popular among individuals from all walks of life: students, business owners, developers, music lovers and so many other Internet users. If your friends are anything like mine, they sometimes enjoy checking different profile pictures of people within their friend’s contact lists. Sometimes it is to check the various mutual friends you both have, sometimes it is to see if you missed adding someone, and sometimes you are simply curious. The latter is mostly to see the variations of individuals that are using Facebook, the profile pictures they use, and how they present themselves. This is where you can prank your good friends by unveiling to them the Ugliest Facebook Profile Picture Ever. You think they would be able to handle it?

This neat little trick is a very simple one; all it requires is to provide your friends with a quick link to Facebook. This same link directs your friends to log into Facebook if they have not already done so. Once there, it provides them with one ugly picture that will cause them to raise some eyebrows and wonder if this picture has truly been shared throughout Facebook as the Ugliest Profile Picture.

Don’t expect fireworks or brand new revelations, but a simple fun trick to play on your friends. I won’t give the surprise away, you just have to go to Facebook and see what is considered the ugliest Facebook Profile picture on there. You can find the link here.

Spoiler (Please Do Not Read Until You Checked It Out First):
The link directs each individual to log into their Facebook profile (unless already logged in) and presents their own profile picture as the Ugliest Facebook Profile You Will Ever See. NO, you do not personally have the ugliest profile picture or been shared as so. Each person simply sees themselves.

When I was given the link, I thought it was a mistake, so I logged out and logged back in. I then realized the fun prank and immediately forwarded it to my friends, hoping they will fall for this prank as easily as I have.

This Facebook prank is meant as a harmless joke and should be done as so. I definitely hope that no one takes this prank personally and does so to hurt anyone’s feelings but as a simple and innocent quick laugh.

Thanks to Rami Taibah also known as Bianconeri4ever for the fun idea.

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