Willy Wonka and His Digital Hat Compass


When we hear the name Willy Wonka, we immediately think of the classic film with Gene Wilder (or the Tim Burton remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp as the great Willy Wonka), chocolate, and the great top hat that accompanies throughout the movie. As soon as I saw this Hatduino LED hat, I thought Willy Wonka would have loved it. Throughout his huge factory, anyone could get lost, as well as Mr. Wonka himself. This project created a digital compass within the hat, which changes colors based on the direction one would walk or turn.


The pictures kind of show that it is a great gadget. On the outside, the Hatduino hat resembles a regular top hat with only one distinct difference, bright LED in the front. On the other hand, inside we could see the intricate details that makes this hat shine the way and a wonderful upgrade for good old Willy Wonka to this tech age.


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