5 Must Have Firefox add-ons for Social Media Addicts

social media firefox extensions

Some of us spend too much time on multiple social media websites. When I started using social media websites, I spent hours on things that were not really necessary. Afterward I discovered some Extensions for Firefox (If you still use IE, this is just another reason to switch) that didn’t only save me a lot of time but also enhanced my experience with these Web 2.0 sites.

  1. Blue Organiser: When you are at a website, BlueOrganiser understands the content on it and displays a smart-browsing menu. If you are on Digg and view a particular user’s profile, BlueOrganiser’s SmartLinks matches the user name with other social media websites and displays all of their profiles across these sites.
  2. smartlinks

  3. Social Media For Firefox: One of the reason social media addicts waste their time is because they try to submit a story to a social Media site that has already become popular on others, only to find out that it was already submitted there before. When you are on a particular page that has become popular on one social media site, this extension will search for the URL on other sites and show you where it has not yet been submitted, so that you can submit it there yourself. “The tool is the the ultimate time saver to building powerful social media accounts. One of the secrets of top Diggers, Stumblers, Navigators etc… is being the first to submit stories already becoming popular on other social news sites.”
  4. ShareaHolic: This extension makes submitting in a particular Social Media Site a charm. You only need to click on the icon when you are on the URL you want to submit and select any social media amongst the many available there. This Extension also lets you see if the URL has already been submitted on the site or not, and if it has been, it presents the Number of votes, saves, Digg, propells and comments it has received depending on the Site it was submitted to.
  5. Propeller: Propeller.com Sitemail Notifier extension adds a button to your firefox Browser and notifies you when you have new Sitemail.
  6. Bookmarking Manager: The Online Bookmark extension allows you to access all your personal online bookmarks from within your Firefox browser.

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    I came accross this website today searching for any informations. I did not find them, but your site was very interesting.

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    Hi everyone, thank you for the comments.

    @Peter: thanks for the suggestion, I will try it out.

    @Aravind and Linda: I hope it works out for you

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    The Firefox extension at http://watchmelater.com is also a useful tool for social media addicts. The extension places a small button under all embedded videos. This allows you to tag videos for later viewing. It also features some advanced playback option like full screen and bookmarking.


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