Computer Mouse Design: Mouse Cursor Reinvented

The Computer Mouse is a major part of most computers. Although there are many options of computer use without the need for a mouse, many have become dependent on this little computer accessory and cursor which directs our sessions. This new mouse design has literally taken the mouse cursor and made it the physical mouse.

This sleek computer accessory design is clean and neat. It physically brings a concept and desktop shape for us to feel, hold, and use on our actual desks.

The cursor mouse was created by Art Lebedev, which have provided some other amazing concepts and designs in the past. One of their most popular and previously anticipated products was the Optimus Maximus Keyboard. Moreover, they have some concepts that are really neat but haven’t been mass produced, such as the Large Remote Control with a button for every individual channel.

The cursor mouse is wireless, come in either black or white, and has a power meter on it to notify you when a battery needs to be changed.

Although the cursor mouse looks great, would it be practical as well?

Thanks Oded for the link.