How To Make Facebook Profile Pictures Bigger

When browsing through Facebook profile pictures, the images are usually too small. Would you like to know an easy Facebook trick how to make them bigger, so you can finally recognize an old friend or acquaintance through their limited sized profile picture?

Kind of like Murphy’s Law, after hours of searching for different old friends on Facebook and finally finding some kind of match, you cannot tell if it is really them; all thanks to the tiny profile pictures they selected to post, or a group photo that doesn’t help your search. Now you hesitate whether it is the right person, and you don’t want to just add or send a message to some stranger. It would be great if you could at least enlarge that one single image, so you could make a wiser Facebook friend adding judgment.

Following is the simple Facebook tip for all those small profile pictures and a way to make them a little larger. In case you didn’t know, this really cool and easy trick can enlarge the Facebook profile photos 200%, which could help you arrive at a wiser decision about this potential friend, wouldn’t it?

All that needs to be done is to copy the profile photo image location into a new tab or window in your browser. Once you look at the url you will notice there is the “S” character in the name of the picture, for example: “……/S23939.jpg”. Just change change the letter “s” to the letter “n” and you are good to go.

Besides just looking for friends, next time you browse through Facebook, you can make a better judgment if that certain girl is hot, or for you women, using this simple Facebook trick.


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44 thoughts on “How To Make Facebook Profile Pictures Bigger

  1. arturoos4u.

    u gotta right click on the photo and go to properties, and get the url from there, also myspace is the same thing, just replace the s-m to get it a little bit bigge,r also, u can view it on its original size, by putting and l for large, i wish fb was the same

  2. poi.

    Is there a new trick to this? Especially when finding profile pics through the FB search engine. There’s a different code for the profile pic from the original image, but there is no easy trick to convert to the original image.

  3. DD.

    People’s profile pictures are larger when they crop someone out of the photo. You can not make a regular photo larger…only if you crop someone out of it.

  4. Chris.

    How do I make the picture on MY OWN profile bigger?

    Everything photo I’ve uploaded -regardless of size – is square shapped when viewed on my profile.

    Yet I see many people with a much larger (taller to be more precise) picture that is rectangular shaped.

    I want that – but can’t figure out how. Can you help?

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  7. Tal Siach.

    @Bimal and other friends that cant get it to work: if you use firefox just copy paste the url location of the picture by pressing the right click button ( copy image url location) and paste it in a new window and change it on the browser , if you downloading the picture to the desktop it will not help you its need to be online so do it in the browser WITHOUT downloading it but just change it in the url and it will work just fine 😉
    Good luck,


  8. Bimal.

    ok.. i have the pic on my desktop and this is what i see


    and then iopened a new on on mozilla and tried to change it to s.jpg

    but it didnt work

  9. danielle.

    Does this trick still work. I cant seem to figure it out.
    What does it mean to “copy image location”?

  10. liza.

    anyone know how to get your profile pic to be big?
    i’ve seen some people with really big pictures in place of the standard default pics

  11. mina.

    Hey people!!!

    I’m very confused, I don’t know how to make facebook!
    Can someone help me please!!!
    I need my friends there!!!
    Please help me!!!
    Love you forever, and kiss you forever yours Mina from Serbia!!

  12. Theo.


    I did what it says above; open my profile picture in a new browser; but there is no letter “S” in my picture name that I can change and have a bigger picture?

    Would someone can help?

  13. nour.

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  14. Andres.

    Hi, I have noticed some facebook users have profile pictures that are larger than others (and I mean permanently) I want to make my profile pic permanently larger. How do I make this happen, please? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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  16. Tal Siach.

    Hi Hazem, thank you for the comment.

    When you see the image you would like to enlarge, simply right click it and copy image location. Paste the copied location into a new tab/window.

    Within that image location is the letter “s”. In order to make that Facebook pic bigger, just replace that letter “s” with the letter “n”.

    You can also look at the images in the post…the large and the small have the same ending for the url, just “S” was replaced with “N”.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  17. hazem.

    i don’t know how to do this trick

    beacause i can’t understand this ““S” character in the name of the picture, for example: “……/S23939.jpg”. Just change change the letter “s” to the letter “n” and you are good to go.”
    what is that mean ““S” ” ?need help plz

  18. Tal Siach.

    Hi Everyone, thank you for all your comments and tips.

    @Andres: 🙂 with this, you will definitely not be able to recognize people.

    @Ariel: I haven’t heard of that. This sounds amazingly simple. Will look into it.

    @Monk: True…very simple indeed.

  19. Satinder.

    now a days facebook put n as prefix to all the images.
    if you are using Firefox, just put the mouse over the image, right click on it and say view image. it will automatically increase the size and shows you bigger picture.

  20. Ariel.

    Thanks! In addition to this, you can use Boost, a Firefox extension for facebook. It’ll automatically load the larger images and display it when you hover over the image with your mouse, similar to how it’d typically display alt text.

  21. guest_#1957264.

    Could someone just make a greasemonkey script for this? It would be very simple. I would do it if I knew how.


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