How To Make Facebook Profile Pictures Bigger

When browsing through Facebook profile pictures, the images are usually too small. Would you like to know an easy Facebook trick how to make them bigger, so you can finally recognize an old friend or acquaintance through their limited sized profile picture?

Kind of like Murphy’s Law, after hours of searching for different old friends on Facebook and finally finding some kind of match, you cannot tell if it is really them; all thanks to the tiny profile pictures they selected to post, or a group photo that doesn’t help your search. Now you hesitate whether it is the right person, and you don’t want to just add or send a message to some stranger. It would be great if you could at least enlarge that one single image, so you could make a wiser Facebook friend adding judgment.

Following is the simple Facebook tip for all those small profile pictures and a way to make them a little larger. In case you didn’t know, this really cool and easy trick can enlarge the Facebook profile photos 200%, which could help you arrive at a wiser decision about this potential friend, wouldn’t it?

All that needs to be done is to copy the profile photo image location into a new tab or window in your browser. Once you look at the url you will notice there is the “S” character in the name of the picture, for example: “……/S23939.jpg”. Just change change the letter “s” to the letter “n” and you are good to go.

Besides just looking for friends, next time you browse through Facebook, you can make a better judgment if that certain girl is hot, or for you women, using this simple Facebook trick.


Via: DoobyBrain