Make Art Portraits from Your Fingerprints

The Fingerprint art portrait is a wonderful personal art piece for your home and personal space. Remember the DNA model art projects that provide you with a personal portrait design based on your DNA? This is another take on the personal art from the same company.

As we have seen in movies, read in books and watched Crime Cases Solved on Television, fingerprints are unique for each individual. Each fingerprint has an individual look, shape, and form, which makes each one of us have his or her own person.

Many movies and criminal cases also showed ways to disguise, erase, or hide your fingerprints, but this fingerprint artwork will praise and display your personal fingerprints for all guests, family and friends arriving to your home or office.

Some may have some problems with displaying such personal information, but then again, it has a cool factor, doesn’t it? Imagine having your home include different sized pictures and designs of your own fingerprints, that would be a hell of a narcissistic move, wouldn’t it?

Just like the previous DNA portraits, these fingerprint art prints are easy to order. DNA 11 send you a fingerprint kit for you to make as many different prints that are up to your liking. Think about it, which finger is the one you want on your wall? You send the prints to them, specify the design you like, and your fingerprints are placed on canvas.

7 thoughts on “Make Art Portraits from Your Fingerprints

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  2. Sandy Garnett.

    Please be aware that Sandy Garnett holds the trademark on Fingerprint Portrait® and the above company has been imitating Garnett’s twenty year running Fingerprint Project. They claim to have ‘invented’ fingerprint portraits 18 years after Garnett’s first Fingerprint Portrait. The artist has collected thousands of fingerprints since 1989 from which he creates original art objects. Please visit or, a website name the artist has owned for a decade.

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  4. Mazhar.

    Ok I will leave my comment, but would u like to open my last 2 comments which I gave you just now? thanks for asking again n again 4 the comments,thanks again.

  5. Mazhar.

    Its looks so beautyfull and amazing work, would you like to inform me how can I participate and make my own design with the fingure prints let me inform on my above e-mail add, thanks.

  6. Mazhar.

    Its looks to beautyfull and smart piece of work with the fingure prints I like very much would like to inform me how can I will make with any one fingure prints a design I wants to be, a, creativeone or someone looks so marvlous.


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