Ping Pong Robot Trains you for the London Olympics

This Ping Pong Robot, aka Robo-Pong, is your personal London Olympics trainer to get you in shape for the quick and challenging rivals. This is another interacting robot which allows you to play a two player game, as a one man show.

This example of the Ping Pong Robot is wonderful in providing a presentation of a robot as a trainer, friend and practice partner. Unlike the air hockey robot that is basically there to not make any mistakes and beat you to a pulp, this robot provides ways for you to practice while getting your ass handed to you.

There are different kits available at Robo-Pong for any individual from beginner to intermediate, to the ones who really want to play all day long. There are options of ball recycling, which the Ping Pong Robot simply reuses the balls it receives back from you. This means that you will be going for an endurance fight with the robot – who do you think can go longer, the human or electric powered robot?

Via: Crunchgear