11 Cool Segway Scooter Concepts and Designs

The Segway Scooter has always been a beautiful vehicle design that was just fun to look at. Even before its growing popularity, you cannot deny the desire you had to ride a Segway Scooter when you encountered one on the street, saw it on TV, or heard about it from friends. We may try to resist its beauty or geeky factor, but the Segway has stolen our hearts and is slowly increasing its use.

What is it that makes us long for the Segway Scooter? Is it looks alone? is it the portability? is it the wonderful Segway Tours that sometimes pass us on the streets? or is it just because it is different? Whatever the reason truly is, in the end, Segway is a really cool vehicle that I would love to have.

The following is a list of 11 Really Cool Segway Scooter Concepts and Designs created for a brand, as a project or has been modified from one form to another.

So next time you run across another Segway Tour or actually get a chance to ride one, which new Segway Scooter design or concept would you pick?

1. Segway Robot RMP

This Segway Robot RMP design looks like its been taken from a futuristic Science Fiction movie. Its tough wheels and base could probably carry more than just one person and could be used to haul things around. In addition, this vehicle concept video in the link also presents an ability for a really practical parallel parking method: simply drive sideways into the spot. Wow, that could be really convenient.

2. The Segway Centaur

The Segway Centaur is a concept design by the maker that is made with four wheels but envisions a safe ride on all four or only two. MSU explained that a simple thumb throttle right beneath the handlebars will determine if the Segway can maneuver forwards or backwards, popping a wheelie would not be a hazardous ritual and just like the original, a forward movement will begin your ride.

3. Noah High Performance Personal Vehicle

The Noah, designed by Andrei França, may have been a Segway influenced concept. Without a pedal, buttons, or levers, the Noah will react to the driver’s movements. Although it looks like a unicycle, it does have two wheels that are placed together. Along with your personal trust of correct gestures and huge wheels, Noah will provide a cool looking vehicle.

4. Mall Segways

It has been more than a few times that I have been approached by a Segway at the mall. Although it sounds like a cool gathering, it could be a little scary, and Thingermejig helps illustrate. Here you are minding your own business and instead of the survey people creeping up slowly, the Segway driving employees ride quickly (when walking in the mall, the Segways seem a lot faster) into your circle and begin shoving coupons in your hands.

That could definitely be considered invading my personal space.

5. Segway At Work

This combination from the Daily Weird combines the working man with a Segway look. Instead of moving boxes using the backroom Dolly (no pun intended), stand proudly upon it as you would in a Segway one day.

6. TV Segway

This awesome Segway mod has a High Definition Television (HDTV) on its regular model. As great as it is to have a TV in place, I could also see it as the pimped out model for the employees above. Now, instead of just coupons, they could drive towards you with a commercial and theme song playing.

7. In Car Design Segway

Have you ever went driving and wished you had your Segway with you? IGN has previously mentioned a wonderful collaboration between GM Europe and Segway. As they and historyman4 show in the pictures, instead of carrying your bicycles on the roof or in the back when going for a weekend drive, you can haul your segway in an efficient trunk.

This Car concept aims to show us a place where Segway is used so often we would actually need a place for it in our cars. Is that amazing or insane?

8. Ferrari Segway

We are all aware of the name Ferrari and its connection to vehicles, so when it stamps an approval on a new Segway design, there probably is something we need to look at.

The Ferrari Segway design is a beautiful modification of the PTi2 model. It doesn’t perform like a true Ferrari in speed, but its beautiful red finish and logo make it a great concept. The $12,000 price tag? That is a different story.

9. Offroad Segway

This Heavy Duty Offroad Segway definitely looks like the one who can finally take us offroad. Loupiote (Old Skool) found this Segway with massive wheels at the Burning Man. Those rugged wheels alone raise my trust in this ground vehicle.

10. Wheelchair Segway

This Segway mod has been made such as the use of a wheelchair. First of all, instead of standing you are at a sitting position. A Fresh Creation goes on to explain of the hand brake provided, which allows the Segway to stand still. It also has a folding handle to ease carrying it and offloading it from an actual automobile.

This great video below presents the Wheelchair Segway in action.

11.Pimp My Segway

Pimp My Ride meets Segway! Yakpimp has designed this Segway for a game called Project Salmonella. It sports a large speaker out front when riding in your neighborhood, the flashy (yet cheesy) flare, but did you take a look at those rims? I can definitely see a kid cut a finger or two on those things.

I am certain there are many more unbelievable designs, concepts, drawings, and creations which were inspired by the true Segway product. If you know of any, please share them with us below.