Google Chrome Browser has Integrated Search and Improved JavaScript

Google Chrome Browser

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Google Chrome is a new Open Source Internet Browser from Google itself. The Google Browser (Codenamed “Chrome”) will be based on the existing rendering engine Webkit and will include Google’s Gears project. Google’s new Browser will include a special tab-based browsing; the tabs are put on the side of the browser window and not below the address bar like in other browsers.
Google Chrome Browser
The newly integrated search and address system called Omnibox will replace the individual address and search boxes and offer search suggestions, popular pages and history pages. The Google browser runs today’s complex web applications much better than other browsers out there. By keeping each tab in an isolated “sandbox”, Google Chrome Browser is able to prevent one tab from crashing another and provides improved protection from rogue sites.

As in safety, the Chrome will automatically download a list of dangerous sites in the background and hence protect users from phishing and malware websites. There’ll be a privacy option similar to Internet Explorer 8 InPrivate mode with which no record of visited sites or searches will be stored on your computer. It will have a homepage with the speed dial option just as the one found in Opera 9, and the 9 most visited websites will be stored on the home page with screenshot thumbnails for each site.
Google Chrome Browser
The browser will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8 which will speed up JavaScript performance in the browser. Google Browser will be using a multi-process design which means a bit more memory up front but over time also less memory bloat. Google will be releasing the beta of the Google Chrome Browser pretty soon for Windows, the Mac and Linux are also on the list.

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