Geeky Windows Desktop Design is like a Cool Computer Background

A geeky Windows Desktop design for your home or office that seems like a cool computer background in real life. This is a neat idea entitled Fenêtres 3.1 for Windows 3.1. It is attempting to demonstrate windows in a more humane nature, bringing your computer desktop or background theme to provide a colorful, bright, and green outside view.

On the surface it seems as a pretty neat somewhat geeky design, but will it stay open or crash closed? Actually, it seems by the design that if you are tired of looking at the beautiful scenery, you can close the blinds, but then you have the infamous Blue Screen of Death shining brightly.

So Windows is not perfect and neither is this design, but the concept is pretty cool. I recall other great window designs such as the ASCII art curtain and also the Bright Blinds which artificially provide “sunlight” in a dark room. Both of these are odd geeky designs which attempt to provide a practical product with a geek’s touch.

Via: Unplggd