Geeky Space Invaders Computer Keyboard

This amazing Space Invaders Computer Keyboard is simply a beautiful sight, and it should have definitely been in the top computer keyboard list we previously written for its geeky yet retro look. This accessory may not be a piano keyoard or specifically for gaming, but is well both a tribute to the classic Space Invaders video game and also acts as a functional, spill proof computer keyboard.

Technabob found this great keyboard that combines the classical video game figures with the computer tech side. Space Invaders have been printed on a rolled up spill proof keyboard in one of two styles: Black and White or Pink and White. The 8 different aliens, shapes and pixelated images engulf the retro keyboard, bringing up a sense of nostalgia which is reignited just right.

As mentioned, it is spill proof, so if you spill a drink, cookie crumbs or anything else, it could be easily wiped off.

We hope you enjoy the different keyboards as much as we do. If you run across an amazing computer keyboard, please send us some info.

Via: Technabob