Nokia Launches Digital Music Service in UK

Nokia Comes with Music

The Cell phone giant, Nokia, who has previously announced the official releases of the Nokia N96 and the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte cellphones, has now announced that it will be launching its “Comes with Music” service in the UK. The “Comes with Music” lets people discover and enjoy unlimited music from the Nokia Music Store catalog.

A person who buys a Nokia “Comes With Music” pre-pay phone will have free unlimited access to about 2.1m music tracks available on the Nokia Music store for 12 months. The Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic Comes with Music Pre-Pay phone and is the first one to have unprecedented freedom to find and listen to music in the Music Store. You need to pay extra for the “Comes with Music” phone at the time of buying but nothing after that for a year; Nokia hasn’t yet revealed how much extra we will need to pay for the specific service.

At the end of the year you can buy a new device having the “Comes With Music” compatibility to continue downloading unlimited free tracks, order the service once more, or use your phone regularly; if you opt not to use the Comes With Music service at the end of the year, you and your phone will still be able to make calls, play music you already downloaded and do all the regular stuff.

The music downloaded from Nokia Music store is protected by Microsoft DRM technology meaning that you won’t be able to play the downloaded music tracks on your iPod or transfer it to another device.

“We believe that Comes With Music will transform the way people enjoy music. With unlimited music access for a year, you can enjoy your favorite artists or delve into new genres without having to worry about individual track or album purchases” said Tero Ojanperä, Executive Vice President and Head of the Nokia Entertainment and Communities business.

This service will also let users share songs with other subscribers and hence will help in creating online communities.

Nokia Press Release via MocoNews