World’s Thinnest MP4 Player

Thinnest MP4 player
Do you still think the iPod Nano is the slimmest portable media player in the world? Well, you may be surprised to know that is not the case anymore. The Slimmest Mp4 player in the world is currently this 4 GB MP4 player available from Component Warehouse.

This MP4 Player is a mere 4.5 mm thick media player whileas the iPod nano is 6.5 mm thick. I am not comparing it with iPod Nano which is a masterpiece in itself, but am simply mentioning it here because many think (myself included), that iPod Nano is the Slimmest music player available on the market today.

The Thinnest MP4 player sports touch buttons, a 1.8 inch screen and 4GB of memory. The Screen Resolution is 160×128 Pixels and it has has built in Microphone and Radio. With Dimensions of Just 85x54x4.5mm, it is surely the world’s thinnest MP4 player as of now.

In addition, it has rechargeable battery and supports MP4, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV formats for music playback through the bundled earphones. Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, it uses USB 2.0 as the transfer interface.