How To Build a Wireless Spy Cam RC Helicopter

The Remote Control (RC) Helicoptes we see on TV or at the park are spectacular electronic toys. In a sense they provide us the freedom to control flying machinery and also grant us the ability to fly (or an alternative to it). This DIY project outlines how to build your very own remote control helicopter that has a wireless spy cam for photography and view.

The combination of spy products and a remote control helicopter simply intrigues me, can you blame me? Something about hidden spy cams in pens really has a cool factor. Just imagine the ability to eaves drop or record people without their knowledge from the air – a little appalling isn’t it?

This Do It Yourself project creates the Helicopter from left over electronic products and their salvagable parts, such as Hard Drives. It goes through with detail how to build the Helicopter, attach the servos, and how to build a spy cam for it. Entire process is found at Angelfire.

You could also find additional aerial solutions by simply getting Electric RC model airplanes already built for aerial photography or stick to the spy cam area by learning how to build spy cam sunglasses.

Via: HackNMod