Interactive Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game

This Electronics Puzzle Game is a little short of amazing; it is interactive, cubed shaped and lights up brightly as it is used. The bright Electronic game is a fun way to test your skills and interact with the cubes as you seek the correct solution. It seems there is a certain fascination with cubes, for example, the world’s smallest PC is and there is also the best friends cubed series for desktop interaction.

The Cubed Electronic Puzzle challenges you with up to 600 different puzzles that must be solved by rearranging the cubes in the correct form. Some ideas of the puzzles to be solved are disarranged shapes, misspelled words, and more. As you move the cubes to the correct way that solves the puzzle, all the cubes symbolize so and go on to the next challenge.

Think Geek offer the Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game for $39.99 and provide a hands-on video shown right below.