Edit Your Pictures and Images Online with Pixlr

If you have basic picture editing needs and need a simple way to edit images online, then Pixlr may be a productive solution. Pixlr is a simple online editor allowing you to upload your photos online to edit and work to your preference.

I have found myself more than once in need of basic editing but was away from my trusted laptop to take care of the image job quickly. With a basic photo editing app, it is really simple to touch up your images online. Moreover, unlike some places requiring you to upload and keep pics online, Pixlr lets you upload the images but do not keep them. In case you worry about privacy, 5 Minutes after original image was uploaded, it is deleted from their servers. Do not worry, the changes remain on your screen for you to decide what to do with them.

As Pixlr mentions, they are addressing the non-professionals, who are seeking basic image editing features. I would think that even professionals would sometimes need basic features only, especially when away from their own computer desktop that is full of all the major editing apps and software.