How To Play Video Games on a Math Calculator

Have you ever been bored in Math class? Do you have a Math calculator such as the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus? If you answered yes to both, then you can learn how to play certain video games on your math calculator. Having different games on your calculator with you in class could help kill time and make you a very popular classmate.

Even though I liked Math back in High School, there were more than a few days I was bored out of my mind. If I knew this trick back then, many days would have went by so quick but then again, I may have flunked out Math as well.

The Tutorial (provided in the link below) explains how to install different games on your Math Calculator, where to find more games, and actually guides you though putting Tetris on your TI-84 Math Calculator. For other Calculator Tricks, check out the Windows Calculator tip for Internet Browsing or the Google Firefox Calculator.

Via: Instructables