Fitbit Tracker Fitness and Exercise Gadget May Help Shed a Few Pounds

The Fitness Gadget from Fitbit aims to make you aware of your daily fitness activity and food intake. This exercise gadget is a wireless 3D monitoring product that can be taken everywhere. It is small enough to clip on any clothing apparel, fit in your pocket and also syncs afterward to show your actual activity and perhaps the need for improvement.

As you wear the Fitbit tracker fitness gadget, it counts and monitors your ongoing health habits along with actual sleeping patterns. By the use of its wireless capability, it syncs ongoing activity with its base station, to upload for your review. Actual eating habits and additional data can also be added, so you will receive a wider picture of where you stand and whether improvement is possible.

At only $99, the fitbit tracker health gadget could be a small step to take to lose a few pounds. In fact, the founder claims that by using the Fitbit tracker, he has become aware of his habits and by simple changes was able to lose 15 pounds.

Via: Techcrunch

3 thoughts on “Fitbit Tracker Fitness and Exercise Gadget May Help Shed a Few Pounds

  1. Fitness Programs | Fitness Tracker.

    Fitbit definitely looks like a sleek product and it is a lot cheaper than BodyBugg. I would love to see some tests that prove how accurate the device is in terms of calorie burn. It seems as if none of these products (BodyBugg etc.) publish any research reports supporting their accuracy!

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  3. Joel Silverman.

    The FitBit is very cool, I am excited the FitBit has jumped into the weight management marketplace. Clearly there are a number of players in the space including our Gruve Solution.

    Our Gruve Solution is an activity-based weight management solution derived from 10+ years of obesity related research by Dr. James Levine of Mayo Clinic. We are already providing our weight management solution to employees at Best Buy, US Bank, Salo, Emerson and others.

    Our device uses similar technology, combined with active feedback and the proprietary knowledge from Mayo Clinic to make this an extremely accurate calorie burn measurement tool configured to each individual.

    What all of this really boils down to is increasing a person’s NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. That is, all of the non-exercise movements you do throughout the day that add up to additional calorie burn.

    To learn more, check out the ABC 20/20 web site. Dr. Levine did a great interview with them and showed the outcomes from Salo.


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