Social Tagging on the iPhone with Sekai Camera

Imagine walking around the mall where stores, restaurants, and items could be found using your iPhone. You could browse the different shops, search for specific products, or find a place to eat by social tags created. Sekai Camera of Tonchidot aims to provide this kind of social tagging service straight to your iPhone.

Mobile apps provider Tonchidot has created an application for the iPhone that uses social tags created by other users of everyday places, products and ideas.

This Sekai Camera app envisions being able to provide you further information than just what meets the eye. For example, if you go to a Museum and came across certain artwork you enjoy, the social tagging app would allow you to dive further into that specific piece, artist or place; providing more information and results based on tags in common.

Although we have previously seen such concepts in the Digital Window and the Geotagger, this one is further developed. Moreover, is it better to have an additional product to carry for such a service or have it right on a cellphone you are already carrying, such as the iPhone?

Via: Venturebeat