Digital Business Card Contact Information Concept

Business cards continue to be a major source of contact information exchange even though we are at a Digital World and moving more towards a paperless society. This could be due to the sheer simplicity of providing viable contact details by simply handing out a business card. We could always try to adopt some other projects or concepts such as a the Interactive Animated Business Card, the Information Ring or perhaps this new design by Sungwoo Park and Bongkun Shin.

This Digital Business Card concept actually digitizes details provided on a physical business card. As a card is inserted, all information is captured by an image, including the various information and logo. In turn, you are able to have all the business cards you previously picked up or new ones you acquire within one compact digital device. Afterward, information can be indexed by your preferences and searched by a simple search wheel.

The Digital Business card allows you to easily transfer physical information into a digital address book for further review and use. Instead of having to input all information by hand or download through a certain app, this concept envisions a simple sliding of the card. How easier can it get?

There are many advantages to this concept but also a practicallity for the individual who desires to exchange the information with you. Instead of having to carry a few business cards with you, or even a full stack for a major networking event or gathering, you would only need a few cards. You wouldn’t need to hand out your cards to numerous strangers only to hope it wouldn’t end up in the trash. Just let them scan it in the Digital Business Card, and your card is returned to be used again. Imagine how many stray and useless cards this saves.

Via: YankoDesign