Robotic Electric Lawnmower Design called Muwi

Do you enjoy mowing your lawn or do you always look for ways to pawn off the job on someone else? As much as we love our gardens, we would rather have someone else mow our lawn for us. This robotic design envisions a robot electric lawnmower doing this specific job for you.

The Muwi is a cool electric design of a compact lawnmower that does the regular mowing for you. It calculates the size and dimensions of your yard and goes straight to work.

As this electric lawnmower cuts the grass, the pieces are kept inside its body. Once a certain amount is packed inside, it compresses the grass into cylinder shaped grass blocks. These cylinder blocks can be placed at other grassless areas, used to repair dead or dry areas, or simply stacked neatly in a recycling bin.

Although the Muwi electric lawnmower is just a design, could you see it actually making it to mass production? Would you like one for yourself or do you have other ideas in mind?

Via: Toxel