Yammer is the Twitter for Companies and Wins the TechCrunch50

Yammer Start Up

The Yammer, which is said to be a twitter for companies, has won the TechCrunch50 top prize today. The site is founded by David Sacks who is also the founder of genealogy site Geni. The idea behind Yammer is quite simple, If Twitter asks: “What Are You Doing?”, Yammer asks: “What Are You Working On?”.

Yammer is rather an enterprise version of Twitter. With Yammer, co-workers of a particular enterprise can post and share status updates, and see what everyone else in the company has been talking about over the past hours, weeks, or months. The Conversations can be viewed in threaded mode and Yammer even has an AIR app, an iPhone app, and a Blackberry app along with the SMS support.

In order to join, a person only needs an actual corporate email address.

Although the features on the site are free, when a company wants to administer its own network with features such as adding or removing users and messages along with additional customization and security tools, a paid version will come at a fee of $1 per month, per user with initial 3 months free trial.