Design Your Own Video Game Adventures with Atmosphir

Atmosphir Start up

I have always wanted to create and develop video games but haven’t got the skills or even the time it takes to be a game developer. It seems that now with Atmosphir, a person like me having absolutely zero knowledge in game developing can truly build my own games. Of course the games won’t be PoP or MGS type, but it is enough to get started.

Atmosphir is a gaming platform and engine that allows users to create their own levels in a 3D world by painting basic elements into a three dimensional grid. Doing so is quite easy, you just have to download a client application and add your own levels to any of the maps that have been uploaded by other users on the Atmosphir Community Website.

The possibilities of personalizing and editing the games are limitless, it just takes creativity. You can choose from a number of palettes including pieces of land, bridges and hazard props that will threaten the in-game avatar with blazing fireballs.

The Atmosphir application comes with a variety of theme packs to provide variety in the user created levels. This Application has an abstraction layer that makes it easy for users to port the games to different systems like the Sony PSP, and it is currently tested for the Apple iPhone also.

Atmosphir is a cross platform, meaning it can be installed on Mac as well as a PC. It is, as of now, available only in limited beta but will likely launch later this year.

Atmosphir via BigDownload