Share Live Moments Using Your Cellphone with Qik

Have you ever been to a party, event or just witnessed something live that you thought your friends just have to see? Qik lets you share live moments from your life or ongoing encounters using your cellphone. Next time a good friend embarrasses him or herself, you are at your daughter’s recital or a colleague has just missed an important lesson, you can share it live with Qik using your own camera cellphone.

Many times, I have been to a party or a bar, and that one friend who doesn’t ever drink decides to go all out. We usually love to cherish these moments by taking pictures or even recording a video of it for future laughs (or blackmail), but it seems that as soon as the night ends, so does the initiative. With Qik, you could really take advantage of the moment. Simply record what’s happening anywhere and everywhere and stream it live to your friends or relatives.

Qik’s fun service could also be used for productivity for sharing a live presentation you deem fulfilling, or keeping your business colleagues updated real time.

There are infinite ways that live streaming could be an advantage, but you personally would know which best fits your agenda.