How To Build A Flash Website in 2 Minutes Using Wix

Have you ever wanted your own flash website? Would you like your own design with personal pictures, structure and touch? With Wix anyone can create an amazing flash based website design in just a few minutes.

Wix is an easy to use platform for professional designers, musicians, artists and more to create a stand alone website quickly and easily with flash. By their simple usability and features, anyone from beginner to expert can make stunning slideshows and designs in minutes.

One of the major advantages of Wix is the Drag and Drop interface provided. As it says, you can simply drag pictures, text and more onto your ‘worktable’ to adjust, edit and display as a website. In addition, there are thousands of templates, clip art, fonts, and colors within the site, so that you can truly create a unique
and personal website to display what your heart desires.

Wix lets anyone create a flash website for fun, business, or hobby. Build an amazing MySpace page, promote your artwork, display your passion and whatever you wish in your own website. Moreover, Wix is extremely flexible, so if you wish to update, amend, and change anything you have created, it is easy to do so and is immediately updated.

The Wix presentation below shows how a website is built using their interface, including changing it whenever your heart desires.