Open Multiple Links at Once in Firefox 3 with Snap Links

Snap Links for Firefox 3
Remember the Snap Links Extension for FireFox? Now you can use it on FireFox 3.0 version and and ongoing updates thanks to Dom93 and his modded version of Snap Links. For those among you who don’t know what Snap links is, “Snap Links allows users to easily open multiple links in new tabs by drawing a box around them”.

Snap Links is an extremely easy to use extension that saves time and clicks. For example, you are on the Home Page, or Category Page of Walyou and want to open all ten stories featured on it at once. You just need to hold down the Right Click and draw a square around all the links you want to open. When you release the button, ALL the highlighted links will be opened in new tabs or windows depending on the setting in your Firefox browser.

Using this method you may also copy the links to a clipboard, bookmark, or even download them. The main features of this extension which differentiate it from other similar extensions for Firefox are:

1. The user selects the links by drawing a rectangle (instead of highlighting the text or moving the mouse precisely over the links)
2. Only the main links are selected by default
3. Requires only one click
4. There is visual aid to show which links are currently selected
5. The extension is simple, fast and intuitive

Download the Snap Link Extension

For Firefox version below 3.0

For Firefox Version 3.0 and 3.0.1 – To Download for the new Firefox 3 versions follow these directions: At the link provided, enter the three letter code given at the site where prompted and select download right next to the box you entered the letters (it may require to do so twice). You will be forwarded to their download manager, which after 45 seconds or so, the file for the Snap Link extension for Firefox 3 would be available as a free download.

Thanks to SirPopper for the tip.