Buy Virtual Real Estate on Your Cellphone with iTycoon

Buy your favorite buildings, restaurants or clubs using your iPhone. Become a Real Estate Tycoon in the virtual world using iTycoon, a new and exciting project which that takes mobile gaming to a level unknown before. You can become a Real Estate guru simply using your iPhone as you walk around your favorite places, neighborhoods, and shops…select a place, bid for it, get ready to pay.

The iTycoon iPhone Game is not an adaption of an existing game or ongoing gaming concepts from the PC or console world. iTycoon is a location-based urban GPS game, allowing you to learn and grow to become a huge Real Estate Tycoon in your own neighborhood, city or even country.

The iTycoon iPhone Real Estate game is simple yet extremely in-depth by its vision and possibilities. It uses the capabilities of modern 3G devices such as the iPhone and lets you play on the go virtually everywhere. Travel in your city on your way home, school or work, and purchase or sell the locations you have physically passed through.

In addition, you can build an organization of Tycoons to collaborate and purchase many more locations, thus become a huge Real Estate empire, making even Donald Trump jealous. Moreover, players will be able to further socialize with others fellow players and ‘teammates’, not only on the virtual layer, but on the streets and in the bars of their city – sharing the same hangout areas and using the games’ location ability.

Additional collaborations with shops and networks will allow users to become actual “shareholders” in their local coffeehouse or boutique, granting them discounts and special perks.

*(additional cellphones are to be added later).

Thanks Yuval for the link and info.