Official Google Android Demo Video

With such talks of the Google Android cellphone and its growing capabilities, it comes at a great time to see Google’s take and explanation on some great features. The video below presenting the Google Android and its possibilities of working hand in hand with the growing ensemble of Google products is simply put…amazing.

After seeing the hopeful ease of use, the entire package bringing the different Google products together into one mobile product, and let’s not forget the cool factor, now I seriously can’t wait. Automatic syncing of you Gmail, address book, calendar, Gtalk, and much more are only a part of it, but are an important factor.

It isn’t like the previous Hands On Google Android video with growing aspirations, for it simply shows how any person could clearly benefit and enjoy the simplicity of its daily use. It has been almost a year since Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz first introduced the Google Android Vision, and we must admit…’you’ve come a long way baby!’.