Remote Control Your Gadgets and Appliances with Your Cellphone

Have you ever wished you could turn on or off any home appliances while on the way to work or on the way back home? If you could control your different gadgets, electronics or alarms using your cellphone, could that be of practical use? Alvaro Mautone has developed a system that allows you to remote control various appliances or gadgets using your cellphone from up to 500 meters away.

My Mom leaves her home many times, only to wonder if she turned off the Air Condition, heater, and other appliances. While it is frustrating to need and walk back home to ‘just make sure’, she also loses precious time that made her leave in a hurry in the first place. With the Text message development of Mautone, she may be able and send short text messages to the different devices hooked up ordering them to turn on or off. In addition, after the device received the message and obliged, a text message is sent back to confirm the request was fulfilled.

This remote control invention is amazing and extremely practical. We usually see different remote control applications used for fun, such as Remote Control Ducks, RC Dragonfly, or a few that even allow you to remote control RC cars with iPhone or water your plants remotely. Still, for me, the above contraption seems a lot more useful for daily use.

Via: DesignNews