Multi Gadget USB Charger

In today’s world, we usually do not own just one cool gadget. Besides our daily used cellphones, we may own a business cellular, MP3 player, Media player, PDA, and other new technology gadgets. While these gizmos are great to have, their battery time varies, and we usually do not choose when the battery will die and unfortunately need to charge them at different times (usually when away from home). The one advantage is that many of these tech toys are able to be charged using a USB adapter, but who carries all the adapters for all their gadgets?

Instead of having to carry a number of various cables, so we could always be a plug in away from charging the batteries, this great multi gadget USB charger is available. It consists of 5 different plug ins, so you can charge your cellphone, Sony psp, Nintendo DS, iPod, and more of your various gadgets. Now that is what I call convenience!

Previously there was the Chargepod, which is a similar idea but within a single charging station that is small and may be easily carried everywhere. In addition, the chargepod is also customizable, so you may select up to 6 different adapters that are needed for your personal devices. Both of these chargers are practical, convenient, and definitely lighten our overwhelming daily load.

If you notice the great advantage of such a multi gadget USB charger cable, it runs for only $14.