Slot Car Racing on Vinyl Records

Imagine racing slot cars and determining the speed of the music using the speed of the cars. You would mix and sample different Vinyl Record Music and using separate slot cars, you can rearrange tunes and playlists by racing against your friends. That is the kind of idea I can see this design from Yuri Suzuki develop into.

There are many hobbyists who enjoy slot cars racing on their free time. They have fun collecting the different cars, changing their look and performance and also learning how to control the speeds to either win a race or beat their best time.

This design combines vinyl records with slot car racing, or at least that is what I took from it. They actually break apart a Vinyl record, rearrange it as a racing track, and using modded slot cars with installed speakers, replay the record. The video below demonstrates this concept but proves they are neither master DJ’s nor avid slot cars racers.

Think about what kind of music combination you can build if you actually rearranged the broken Vinyl Records in a feasible and audible order. What if you build a multi-record track and have numerous slot cars playing different tunes at the same time. It seems that if you combine this designer with someone that knows how to mix music, you would be able to efficiently race slot cars, mix music, and create many different musical tracks by learning how to control the speed, volume, and turns.

Via: Yanko Design