First Ever Interactive Game on Youtube: a Car’s Life

A Car’s Life is the first ever Interactive Game on YouTube. “Save the car, save the world”! No, It’s not the beautiful Hayden Panettiere aka Claire Bennet from the successful TV show Heroes, however, it’s your chance to save the car from crashing online.

Hexolabs, a mobile game development company has created a very simple and basic animated game called “A Car’s life”, which is the first online video game for YouTube using just the video annotation feature.

I am sure that this is a step forward and with time we will see more and more interactive games from that kind on YouTube. Who knows? maybe soon we will even play the World of Warcraft on there as well.

A Car’s Life game rules aren’t complicated, and you don’t need to have to many skills in order to save the car from crashing; actually it can be done with only one finger, but it is still fun. All you have to do is click the button that will flash on your screen while the video below is playing. If you manage to click the button before it disappeared, you advance to the next level and you may save the car and probably the world(I needed to add a little bit of drama I guess). Otherwise, your car is doomed and will face a deadly crash (whoops, I did it again!).

So what are you waiting for?Bring the car home safely. Good luck and Enjoy!

Via: Labnol