MySites is your Online Multimedia Desktop

With the internet becoming faster by the day, it makes sense to put your desktop online and use it anytime, anyplace without the threat of losing your valuable data. MySites does just that, granting you a way to have access to your desktop from anywhere there is an online connection.

Mysites is your online Multimedia desktop where you can upload, share and of course view your files including photos, music, videos and documents. MySites claims to be the world’s first Online Operating system, and it rightly is. It provides you with 10 GB of space to store your files and other necessary stuff.

The MySites service lets you easily share and manage your music, videos, photos, tunes and important documents. You can embed your uploaded files on your websites with the code provided or share direct links with your friends for each item. You are given the ability to fully customize your content and organize it exactly as you personally wish. Not only you may double-click to launch any of the icons on your new web desktop, but the Virtual Desktop looks so similar to the Regular Standard Desktops.

MySites is a Finland based Start up founded by Ramine Darabiha. The site is still under construction and will be opened to the Public pretty soon. There are many more features MySites is planning to integrate in order to make the experience easier and a lot more fun.

They are building tools with Adobe’s AIR, so you may sync and upload files straight from your desktop. Moreover, they will be launching a Facebook app very soon, so you will have access from another place you visit practically everyday. Additional translations and integration of the service with other social media sites like Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, YouTube and more are also on their list of features.

MySites Via Crenk