Cool USB Hub is a Modern Day Hanging Man Gadget

Instead of having a boring, lifeless and regular USB hub on your desk to connect your cool gadgets together, this Super Kid USB hub is a change from the norm. When hanging to present itself, it reminds me of a modern life Hanging Man put together into a practical USB gadget.

USB Gadgets are popping up left and right for every day use and also as toys, art, or useless items. When they are practical such as the multi-gadget USB adapter to combine different gadget adapters in one, a bottle opener USB, or even a small computer keyboard that is perfect for travel, then we could appreciate the creations.

This specific hub from Gadget4all is a practical one for up to four USB products, is extremely cute in design, and you could always torture it as if it is an awful Boss, an ex lover, or simply someone who deserves the abuse.

Via: CoolestGadgets