USB Enigma Necklace from Gresso is a Fashion Gadget

A cool USB necklace from Gresso could be your gadget combination of fashion and technology.

The Enigma Constellation pendant sports 3 separate USB drives in one cool looking necklace. Each consist of 64GB of storage to provide a total USB storage of 192 GB to wear as a necklace around your neck.192 GB! Holy gadget storage heaven!

You can carry some serious, heavy storage with you anywhere you are, without even missing a beat. Moreover, this necklace is made of 200 year old African Blackwood and is designed with Diamonds and yellow or white gold.

Lastly, it is a limited edition, so there are only 99 of these USB gadgets made. Oh, and here is a little catch…each necklace runs for 5000 Euros.

How many will you get?

Gresso Product Page via: Coated