Create Your Online Email Signature for Free with Wisestamp

Would you like to create a personal Gmail signature with a customized look and design? Have you ever wanted an email signature for your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or AOL mail account that would place you away from the rest? With the WiseStamp Firefox tool you can make your own unique signature for personal or business email accounts for free.

WiseStamp is a free productive Firefox extension, which allows you to make your own personal email signature for different email accounts. You are able to add a personal image, logo, customize fonts, color, sizes and much more to have a signature that is truly built for you.

Instead of having the regular signature we see in the numerous emails we receive daily, which are basically transparent, we can stand out away from the rest and add our own spice and personality for all our contacts to see.

Another amazing feature within the WiseStamp signature tool is the ability to add your social networks ID as part of your signature. Add your Facebook profile, LinkedIn account, Delicious page and many more, so friends, relatives and business contacts are aware of the different ways you are open to connect by. Moreover, if you would like to separate your Business and Personal colleagues, this Firefox extension of WiseStamp makes it easy to create different signatures for your various email accounts.

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Thanks to our friend Dror for the tip.